The Childhood by the Dvina

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Summer Barents Games 2017

Summer Games took place in Bodø, Norway, 1st – 3rd of September 2017. Athletes between 15 and 25 years met each other to compete in 15 different sports. 4 sports will also involve parasport athletes. The participants represent local clubs in the Barents region, but in Barents Games they represent their countries; Norway, Sweden, Finland or Russia. More information about barents games is here.

Arkhangelsk tennis team

Tennis team from Arkhangelsk had their best experience in Bodø during Summer Barents Games 2017. The Russian team consisted of participants from Saint Petersburg and Arkhangelsk. They won 25 games in comparison to 13 wins by Norway and Sweden teams together.

"The Childhood by the Dvina" donated 5000 NOK to the Arkhangelsk tennis team, so it covered some transportation fee.

More information about tennis team is here.

Second hand

Arkhangelsk tennis team travelled by bus from Kandalaksha to Bodø. On their way back home, we decided to fill the bus with used toys and clothes. So we asked in local facebook group "Norsk-russisk forening i Bodø", if they want to help.

Russian families in Bodø and Fauske donated 11 large bags with clothes, shoes and

toys! All of it was delivered by the bus on their way home to Monchegorsk in the county of Murmansk.

Charity organisation in Monchegorsk

Charity organisation "Soyus (Union)" helps families with low income. They took all toys and clothes, sorted it out and distributed to the families.

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